Q&A with Dr Wesley Hill following his first talk ‘Washed and waiting, living in hope’ at the 2015 Liberty Conference.



Listen to Wesley’s first talk ‘Washed and Waiting’, his second talk ‘Spiritual Friendship’, and the 2nd Q&A.


Our Vision

We would love to see more churches in Sydney become places where those who have same-sex attraction or who have a same-sex attracted family member will feel;

  1. unafraid to share their struggle with their brothers and sisters in Christ
  2. loved and supported in their journey of trusting and obeying Christ
  3. resourced and aware of the ministries that exist to help them follow Christ


Liberty Christian Ministries seeks to equip the local church

to love and care for church members who have same-sex attraction or who have family members with same-sex attraction by providing resources, training, and support.

Liberty Christian Ministries Incorporated also offers support directly to Christian men and women who experience same-sex attractions or who have family members with same-sex attractions. Allan Starr is our part-time pastoral worker and would love to talk to you if you require pastoral support. You can contact Allan by leaving a phone message (02 9818 8111) or emailing him.